Coleman Services

Blockchain Developer (Foundation)

Blockchain Developer / Foundation (Moscow, Russia)

gps_fixed Moscow, Russia

Key responsibilities:
Blockchain development project powered by Plasma protocol;
Internal architecture development of internal structure and architecture with further advanced functionality (e.g. structure definition and cryptographic algorithms);
Creating a prototype and bringing it to production;
Development of private contracts technology for Ethereum

We are looking for:
Strong knowledge of GO, JS (server side, NodeJS), Python;
Knowledge of the technological characteristics of existing and planned blockchains (mechanisms of consensus; technologies provide partial privacy; P2P protocols; the data storage structure and transactions (Bitcoin|Ethereum|DAG-based blockchains));
Vision and understanding of the main problems and directions of development of the blockchain.

Huge advantage:
Knowledge of modern applied cryptography (BLS scheme, Schnorr signatures, Pedersen commits, Range proofs);
Solidity and Rust development skills

Our Client offers:
Official labour agreement;
Competitive salary;
Flexible hours;
Office in a prestigious location in Moscow;
Professional career development opportunities;


Employer: Coleman Services

180000 WORK tokens