EVEN Foundation


Cryptograph / C++ (Moscow, Russia)

gps_fixed Moscow, Russia

EVEN Foundation is looking for a mature specialist in Cryptography and practise in C++.

• Ability to calculate cryptographic algorithms based on processor power
• Understanding of encryption methods and techniques, ability to combine different algorithms
• . C, C++, low-level programming
• Knowledge of network, processes and flows, memory
• . Knowledge of data structures, classical algorithms
• . Cross-platform development experience
• . Boost, stl, openssl
• . Understanding that you are applying to a project that can be a great springboard for your professional, personal and human qualities, but it will have a lot of focused work on the result, with a clear evaluation and compliance with the terms

Key responsibilities:
• Development of the current algorithmic modules
• Backend development for EVEN

We offer:
• Crypto house in a prestigious location
• Resilient and proactive team
• Relocation assistance


Employer: EVEN Foundation

264000 WORK tokens