Senior Go Developer

Senior Go developer in (High-load ICO project)


We launching High-load ICO project (several interconnected p2p services) and looking for senior Go developer/strategist, ready to take on the management of the development issues and develop the platform on the terms of the partner.

The budget of the development direction is provided that the hard cap is reached 1.5 Mln USD.

Term of the project 9 months.


- Fluent verbal and written English
- Strategic thinking
- ICO experience is a must
- Experience in managing IT projects
- Proactive Life Position
- Willingness to work in 24/7 mode
- Willingness to travel
- Strong knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures
- Deep understanding of the logic of decentralized networks
- Experience in deploying and testing decentralized applications
- Understanding cryptography, hash functions, encryption, signatures, network protocols
- Experience in developing multithreaded applications
- Knowledge of one of the scripting programming languages ​​(bash / python)
- Excellent understanding of the Unix family operating systems architecture
- Knowledge of Solidity, related libraries and experience with them
- At least 1 year of development experience in Ethereum, using Solidity and related tools (web3, truffle, geth, etc.)
-Experience of commercial development on Go (Golang)
-Experience in SQL / NoSQL
-Experience with Agile practices (Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc.)
-Linux / BSD Adept
- Creation and testing of smart contracts for Ethereum (ERC20, ERC721)
- Experience in C ++ commercial development
- Development and introduction of high safety technologies
- Experience with public APIs
-It is a big plus if you understand: DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes; knowledge and experience in the field of VR, AI, AR; experience in working with financial technologies; mathematical education

Partnership in the project (The share is discussed depending on the scope of functions and competencies of the candidate)
The fixed part is discussed individually

Please, turn to us with any questions: Telegram @cryptobella07, @crptbll07



240000 WORK tokens