Android Developer

Android Developer (Moscow, Russia)


Development of "native" applications for the mobile platform Android

Requirements for candidates:
Experience in developing mobile applications for Android from 2 years.
Any experience in developing user interfaces for mobile devices.
Good knowledge of Java, Android SDK, Android Studio.
Experience in developing client-server applications (REST API, JSON, HTTP, HTTPS).
Knowledge of OOP patterns and popular architectural Android-solutions, understanding of the principle of Solid.
Ability to type interfaces and create UI animations.
Knowledge of the principles of development for Android.
Experience in using version control systems (GIT).
Technical English (reading, writing).

Additional (optional) requirements:
Published apps on Google Play.
Basic knowledge of databases (for example: SQL, SQLite).
Experience with accounting systems for bugs and project management.

Learn about the company:

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Employer: Snowfox.Tech

168000 WORK tokens